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Thursday, 31 October 2013


My first post today is about the eyelash extending conditioner NANOLASH

Honestly, I can admit that I never believed in magical results of this type of products. This conditioner was won by my husband in one of Facebook contests. That’s why my opinion is objective. I approached it sceptically but decided to try it out by myself.

The manufacturer’s promise is ‘Spectacular effects’.
Your natural eyelashes 25% longer and 84% thicker.

NANOLASH - a new definition of long and thick lashes. Long hours spent in the laboratory resulted in Nanolash creation. In only few years the eyelash conditioner conquered women’s harts around the World, becoming the leader in its category. Not without a reason the conditioner won many prestigious awards - the serum of all times that stimulates the lash growth and makes them thicker and stronger, not causing irritations or any other side effects. 

I started using the conditioner from the beginning of July, every day evening, precisely applying it onto the upper lid. After few days I noticed single lashes falling out. I don’t know if this was a coincidence or the effect of the conditioner’s use. Anyway, I didn’t stop the treatment and I was persistently using it as my beautician friend said that hair is getting used to the cosmetic.  

After 1.5 month I noticed, that single hair was outstanding from other lashes. They were much longer. After that time others were joining them, and were extending in an incredible time. 

After 2 months I had beautiful long lashes. And with a clear conscience I can admit this eyelash conditioner is really working. I honestly regret not having this miraculous cosmetic when I was younger and going out ;) Now my look is full of charm. After those few months I consider this product worth its price, because if taking into account lash extension it would be a much more expensive business   

Moreover, this conditioner is very efficient. I’m using it for more than 2 months and there is still little left in the bottle. Now I’m using it only 2-3 times a week. To compare I am sharing my picture from when I started using and after the treatment. In both cases I have mascara on my lashes because as I said they are really light. You can see for yourself how the conditioner works.
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